Programming Edtech Collection for Young Learners


Image from Donnie Ray Jones of Flickr

Hello everyone, and welcome to the first Edtech Collection blog post! Here is where I’ll gather any edtech resources that I believe are noteworthy to share with teachers and parents. The reason I’m doing this is because whenever I’ve talked to teachers through Twitter chats I would get requests for lists of educational resources on specific subjects. Which is why I’ve decided to start creating these collections of Edtech resources and share them with you all. The most requested subject would be programming which is why this first collection is focused on resources that help build programming skills.

Programming is definitely a subject that many teachers and parents are now starting to teach to young children. But before kids can start learning how to write Java, Html, or C++, it would be beneficial if they first learned programming logic. Some say all kids would benefit from learning programming logic. Thankfully these edtech resources are geared toward younger students and does a great job of teaching them programming logic like program structure, variable declaration, loops, and conditional statements. They also help build important skills like problem solving. These programming resources all capture the younger crowd’s attention by using bright colors and characters. Keeping them engaged as they are learning.

I’ve listed some of the most interesting educational resources that can teach most elementary school students programming logic. Check out the Pinterest board which you can view below.

I’m also sharing a Google Sheet document that contains the collection and includes more information about each resource. This is so that you can copy and paste the programming edtech collection for your reference rather than keeping it confined to this blog. This would also give you a nice start to creating your own edtech collection.

Here is the Programming Edtech Collection for Young Learners:

Note that this isn’t the definitive list. If you’re reading this blog post from the future then check the collection Pinterest board and Google Sheet which will always be updated with any new resources I may find.

If there are any coding edtech resources you would like to add to this list please leave me a comment below. This is just the first of many edtech collections posts, so if you have any feedback or suggestions for next time let me know!

Until next time keep programming everyone.

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