Aprender Español! Spanish Language Edtech Resources


Benefits of Learning a Second Language

Today I share with you all a few Spanish Language Learning Edtech websites and apps. These resources are ideal for learning enough words and phrases in Spanish to carry a basic conversation. Learning a new language can have several psychological benefits, including improved memory, multi-tasking, and even a better understanding your native language!

So if you are interested in learning some Spanish then check out these edtech resources. Here are a few that can help you get started:

Cat Spanish


What this Resource Includes: Learning Vocabulary through Visual Representation, Adaptive Testing
Grade Level: 6-12+
Audience: Learners
Platform: iPhone & iPad
Price: Freemium (First 3 levels are free)
What it does well: Cat Spanish teaches Spanish through cats! It’s great for cat lovers! The app uses humor through various cat pictures to teach users new Spanish words. It’s a great way to engage learners and encourage them to keep using the app. It includes thousands of Spanish words and phrases to learn. Cat Spanish is an entertaining way to build your Spanish vocabulary.



What this Resource Includes: Video Lessons, Digital Flashcards, Quizzes
Grade Level: 6-12+
Audience: Learners & Teachers
Platform: Web-based
Price: Freemium, Subscription based, Academic Pricing
What it does well: FluentU teaches users Spanish through real world videos, audio, and flashcards. The videos and audio are accompanied by captions in both Spanish and English. They also include a list of vocabulary words and phrases that were used in the video or audio clip, which users can download. Teachers can also sign up for FluentU. They can assign the videos, audios and flashcards to their students.



What this Resource Includes: Adaptive Learning, Learning Statistics, Vocabulary Lessons
Grade Level: 6-12+
Audience: Learners
Platform: Web-based, Android, iPhone &iPad
Price: Free
What it does well: Lingualia has four sections that help users learn Spanish: Lingu, Challenge, Lessons, and Activities. The Lingu section present mini-lessons that users can complete at their own pace. The difficulty of the lessons adapts to the user’s previous actions. Lingualia keeps statistics of words or phrases learned through lessons and track site activity. These lessons cover Spanish vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and comprehension. Lingualia also employs some social learning elements. In the Challenge section, users can compete against other users through quizzes. Finally, users can also download any of the Spanish lessons in pdf form in the Lessons section.

For more edtech resources for learning Spanish check out the Spanish Language Learning Edtech Resources Pinterest board (which will always be updated with new resources):


Do you know of any other Spanish Language Learning edtech resources? Share it with the rest of the class by commenting below!

Hasta la próxima, seguir aprendiendo todos!

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