What’s Better than an Infographic? How About 5 Interactive Infographics!

5 Interactive Infographics

As someone who deals with data on a daily basis, I can appreciate a great looking infographic. Most people love to learn from infographics. Check out this infographic, Why Your Brain Craves Infographics, to see why. Usually infographics are static images, but lately I have found a few that are interactive.

Here’re a few examples of these types of infographics:


The Journey to the Centre of the Earth infographic from BBC explores the deep reaches of the earth and ocean. As you scroll down the infographic displays fun pieces of information such as the ocean depth where whale sharks live or the deepest bat colony. As you scroll down the info changes depending on how far down you scroll. The infographic simulates digging deep down into the Earth which provides a very interactive experience.


BBC has another similar infographic, How Big is Space, where you can scroll down to explore the sky and space!


Google also has a scroll down interactive infographic about How Search Works. Scrolling down each page reveals more information. Clicking on the different icons reveals more information or directs to external learning resources. What’s interesting about this infographic is how hovering the mouse pointer over some icons can initiate an animation.


Beneath the Thinking Cap allows you to explore the different parts of the brain. Clicking on the different parts reveals information about the functions of the specific part. This type of infographic does not overwhelm viewers with a barrage of information. Instead, they can focus on learning about each part of the brain separately.


Some interactive infographics can include multiple pages which usually tell a story. A great example of this would be the How Data Travel Around the Globe infographic.

Do you know of any interactive infographics that are not listed here? If so then share with the rest of the class through the comments below.

Until next time, keep learning everyone.

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