Learn New Languages by Reading News Articles. Mini Edtech Function Review on Lingua.ly



What this Resource Includes: News Articles, Quizzes, Vocabulary Word Bank, International Dictionary
Subjects: English, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Turkish
Grade Level: 3-12+
Audience: Learners
Platform: Web-based, iPhone & iPad, Android
Price: Free
What it does well: Lingua.ly is an app that uses the learner’s interests to tech then a new language. The learning materials are actual articles plucked from the internet. Users can read an article and touch words to receive their English translation. These words can also be added to a vocabulary bank to practice learning in the future. There are many articles to choose from and users can select the topic of their choice (business, education, etc.). The articles are a short reading perfect for learning on the go. Also included are vocabulary quizzes for additional language learning.
Bonus Points: Personal Learning, Interest-driven Learning, Adaptive Learning, Mobile Learning
Link: http://lingua.ly/m/

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