An Academic Writing Platform That Helps You Research, Write, and Format Academic Papers. Mini Edtech Function on ComWriter



What this Resource Includes: Writing Templates, Research Material, Writer Dashboard, Citation Creator, Bibliography Creator
Subjects: Academic Writing
Grade Level: 12+
Audience: Learners
Platform: Web-based
Price: Freemium
What it does well: ComWriter is a very handy online tool for anyone who needs help in writing academic papers like dissertations, a thesis, or research papers. What it does best is help the writer structure their thoughts with writing outlines. The outlines separate the different parts of a research paper like cover, preliminaries, body, and addenda. Each part is collapsible enabling writers to focus on one part at a time. Within each part writers can add in sections like headings, paragraphs, long quotes, lists, and images. Writing academic papers involve research other literature and referencing these other resources. ComWriter helps writers find academic resources for their paper through their Public Library. It can also easy create bibliographies and cite any resources that writers may use in their academic papers. Finally this writing platform allows users to format their paper using predefined or user customized writing styles. The predefined writing styles include APA, Harvard, and MLA.
Bonus Points: Writer’s Dashboard with printing options, due date tracker, and word count progress bar.

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