Learn Programming Logic with this Lego Mindstorms Game. Mini Edtech Function Review on Fix the Factory

Fix the Factory


What this Resource Includes: 24 Game Levels
Subjects: Programming
Grade Level: 3-12+
Audience: Learners
Platform: Web-based, Android, iPhone & iPad
Price: Free
Bonus Points: Excellent Graphics, Builds problem-solving skills, Game challenges players to complete levels in less moves and time
What it does well: Fix the Factory is a game that teaches players the basics of programming logic. The game is completely free and available on most devices. Players are able to give commands to a robot called EV3RSTORM from Lego Mindstorms to help it navigate each stage. These commands include moving in different directions, turning around, and picking up objects. The goal of each stage is to pick up a battery pack and bring it to a specific area. There are 24 stages total that become more difficult to navigate and complete. As players advance into the game, they gain access to more commands for EV3RSTORM. Players can receive higher scores for each stage based on how few moves, time, attempts, and errors it takes to complete a stage.

Fix the Factory is a great way to introduce kids to basic programming logic. It also encourages kids to think logically and build problem-solving skills in order to complete each stage. Additionally, the game’s graphics look excellent and does a great job of drawing the player into the game.
Link: http://www.lego.com/en-us/mindstorms/games

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