Improve Your Grammar While Writing Emails! Mini Edtech Function Review on Grammarly



What this Resource Includes:
Writing Platform, Grammar Check, Plagiarism Checker, Citation Generator

Bonus Points:
Grammar Learning Material, Online Thesaurus, Online Forum for Grammar Questions


Grade Level:


Google Chrome Extension

Freemium-Monthly Subscription

What it does well:
Grammarly is a Google chrome extension that can check your grammar while performing daily internet tasks like writing an email or a blog. Downloading the Grammarly Google Chrome extension will allow the program to check a user’s grammar for any website that has a writing field. Users can also open up a word processing document in Chrome and write freely while Grammarly suggests corrections automatically. This writing platform is able to catch more grammar mistakes than most word processors. For example, it does a really good job of informing writers when to use commas. In addition to every grammar suggestion is a small explanation for why a word or phrase is grammatically incorrect. Writers can learn from their mistakes as they are writing. Grammarly also provides an online grammar handbook for writers who want to learn more about how to improve their grammar.

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