Smile! Social and Emotional Learning Edtech Resources

imageImage courtesy of WhatMattDoes via Flickr

I try my best to share the most useful edtech resources that most teachers may not be aware of. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I thought may be appropriate to share a few social and emotional learning edtech resources. From my experience social and emotional learning isn’t widely talked about in the edtech space. It involves teaching students how to identify and control their emotions, feel and show empathy towards others, and establish positive relationships.

Learning how to tap into positive emotions may help students perform better academicallyIt can also help students manage stress and help deal with bullying. Social and emotional learning can begin as early as preschool and continue through a person’s life.

Here are a few social and emotional edtech resources to get you started:

If…The Emotional IQ Game image

What this Resource has: Emotional IQ Games, Social Puzzles, Parent Dashboard, Curriculum & Activities, Player Avatars
Grade Level: K-5
Audience: Learners
Platform: iPhone & iPad
Price: Freemium, Subscription
What it does well: IF… fully immerses players into the game with great visuals with voiced characters. Players can also customize their avatar further engaging them in the game. By following the game’s story players will learn how to manage stress, anxiety, anger, sadness, and frustration. The game is split into several chapters. Each chapter equates to one month’s worth of lessons. Though the game requires a subscription, the first chapter is free to play.

Class Dojo image

What this Resource has: Teacher Dashboard, Progress Tracker, Parent-Teacher Messaging System, Student Avatars
Grade Level: K-5
Audience: Teachers, Parents, & Learners
Platform: Web-based, Android devices, iPhone, iPad, & Smartboards
Price: Free
What it does well: This class management platform encourages positive emotions in the classroom. Teachers can award positive feedback to students to encourage good behavior in the classroom. Class Dojo allows parents and teachers to communicate easily through their messaging feature. Also, both parents and students can view teacher feedback. These features are a great way of keeping parents informed.

iLearn With Poko: Emotions and Colors! image

What this Resource has: Animation Clips, Games, Progress Tracker
Grade Level: PreK-1
Audience: Learners
Platform: iPhone & iPad
Price: Free
What it does well: iLearn with Poko teaches young students (ages 5 and under) how to correctly identify an emotion by watching short animated clips. An interesting aspect of the app is that it teaches a few art concepts, as well as social development. It also teaches students listening and comprehension, problem-solving, and critical thinking. Parents can view their child’s progress through the app’s progress tracker.

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